Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) Services

Advisor Insurance Resource provides two levels of service for reviewing trust owned life insurance (TOLI) policies. The first is a policy evaluation of current cash values, interest rates, surrender charges and projected performance. This allows us to assure the policy is on track to reach its intended goal. We also evaluate the market place to determine if the current policy is still a good value. We will report our findings to you so you can decide with the client what action to take. This is our Policy Enhancement Program (“PEP”), which is a complementary service to all fee-only financial advisors and estate planning attorneys. The second level of service is provided in conjunction with Insurance Trust Monitor (“ITM”). While the objective of this service is the same as the PEP program, the documentation is much more detailed. This review process allows trustees to meet their fiduciary responsibilities under the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) by placing a detailed and professional report directly in the client’s file. This is our TOLI Simplified service. ITM charges $200 for this service. Again, if changes are needed, we will assist in every step of the way.